Nova Scotia is Canadian big game fishing’s best kept secret. Every year, from August through October, the cooler North Atlantic waters meet with the warm eddies from the Gulf Stream, creating the perfect conditions for monster gamefish to thrive. Towards the middle of June comes the first sighting, by the end of August the waters are teeming with Giant Bluefin Tuna.

Nova Scotia has an incredible fishery for giant Bluefin Tuna. Most of the boats that are allowed to run charters guarantee that their clients will hook the fish of a lifetime.

Once your bait is tossed over the side, it’s only a matter of seconds before you’re hooked into the fish of a lifetime – a freight train hits your line and your reel starts screaming, making you think that the thousands of yards of 130-pound line your reel is spooled with simply won’t be enough.

When the initial run is over, settle into your stride as it’s a give-and-take game from here on in. These fish are stubborn, which means you have to be stubborn as well – give them an inch, they’ll take a mile! As the fight nears its end and the fish surfaces, a crew member leaders the fish as the captain tows it to be revived and released.

If you are interested in fighting some of the biggest fish in the sea, look no further than Nova Scotia – Land of the Giants!