Rankin Tuna Charters

Come on board the Brown Eyed Girl ’17 and have an unforgettable experience of tackling the Bluefin tuna in one of the most beautiful scenic areas in the world. Feel the adrenaline rush that happens every time you hook up whether it’s your first time or whether you did it all your life. The conservation measures that have been taken throughout the past years and the large amount of bait in these waters have led this area to having an abundance of Bluefin tuna.

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Meet the Captain

Andy Rankin is a third generation fisherman with 37 years of experience in the commercial fishery. He has lived in the Mabou Harbour area all of his life and manages a small fishing company. Although Andy has always fished lobster and crab in the early months of the season, Bluefin tuna fishing has played a major role in the latter months for the past 22 years.

Contact Information

Website: www.rankintunacharters.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rankintunacharters
Email: rankintunacharters@gmail.com
Phone: 902-258-5234